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Regis Frossard Particles Intro showreel 2011

Welcome to Registudio!

From the humble beginnings of animation…countless hand drawings, flipping & photographing of every minor movement , technology has made it less painstaking and more achievable for those who have ardent interests.

We can see it everywhere now, across all media...
The average hour of television, films & ads (average seconds), are packed with more motion graphics & 3D contents than we might realize. It is an increasingly seamless blend of live action and digital effects. The art form has become as much a part of our viewing experience as the programming itself, which is what artists like myself are inspired with & strive for.
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Some projects

Some projects I've been working on. Matchmoving, compositing, previz and photorealistic render.

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Digital Fx

Matte Painting from Regis Frossard

Matte painting made from spring to winter...

Here at Registudio, we bring your creative ideas & your vision into reality no matter how impossible it is in real life. In the virtual world, everything is achievable so let those artistic juices flow and we'll do the rest.