Junior VFX compositor

Regis Frossard is an aspiring VFX artist with a focus on compositing. I am a highly motivated and passionate visual effects artist with a strong eye in color and composition.I recently graduated from E-tribart Institute Visual Effects program and I am now looking for a challenging and creative job in the VFX industry.

My fascination with special effects started circa 80's when I first saw the movieā€¦.Star Wars with my father. From then on, I continued being enthralled with how those amazing effects for movies were done. But during those times, schools offering such courses were non-existent in France, I ended up choosing a different career path. And now few decades after, I finally decided that it was time to make a 180 degree career shift, and start doing what I'm very passionate about. While I was enrolled in various Fxphd program I went back to school...

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